cr sponsors

A sponsor in Celebrate Recovery, is someone who has completed the four participant’s guides.  He or she has worked through the eight principles and the 12 Steps.  The main goal of this relationship is to choose someone to guide you through the program. Sponsors speak the hard truth and never enable dysfunction.
  • sponsors are there to discuss one on one issues that are too personal or would take to much time to be discussed with the entire open share group
  • sponsors are available during crisis or potential relapse
  • sponsors serve as a sounding board and an objective point of view
  • sponsors encourage and support as you work through the steps and principles

Prerequisites for Sponsors

  • completed CR Step Study Group / Completed the 12 Steps
  • one continuous year of sobriety / abstinence
  • actively attending Celebrate Recovery meetings
  • have their own Sponsor and Accountability Team
  • must be same sex as Sponsee


S = Set a Good Example

  • you exhibit the qualities and characteristics that your sponsee strives to achieve, such as honesty, integrity, willingness and compassion
  • you have the experience of keeping your own house in order—not your physical home, but your spiritual life. In order for you to be an effective and godly sponsor, you must have the experience of working through the Steps and Principles, as well as continuing to seek a greater knowledge of God’s Word
  • a great Sponsor leads using their weaknesses, in addition to their strengths. By leading with your strengths alone, you may appear prideful or arrogant, and this may repel people, rather than draw them to you as a Leader.

P = Prayer

As a sponsor, I must pray for my sponsees need for:

  • physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • the lifting of the fog of denial
  • their protection during times of temptation

O= Oneness with Christ

Ways I can/will keep growing in Christ:

  • practicing daily prayer and meditation
  • ongoing accountability
  • attending recovery meetings
  • practicing the 8 Recovery Principles
  • being in a small group

N= Never Condemns

Ways I can avoid being judgmental:

  • be a good listener
  • respond with sensitivity
  • prayerfully consider feedback

S = Share Your Personal Experience

It is important to share my experience because it:

  • continues my personal healing
  • offers hope
  • demonstrates freedom from our hurts, habits, and hang ups

O= Open and Honest Communication

Ways I can be open and honest are:

  • be compassionate. Be careful not to try to ‘fix’ people, the Lord will heal them in His time
  • listen. Carefully consider situations before offering a suggestion
  • confront denial and procrastination. Be strong to point out, in a loving manner, detrimental patterns of behavior in your sponsee

R = Responsibility

I can be responsible in this role by:

  • being available, yet having boundaries
  • protecting anonymity and confidentiality. The only exception is when someone threatens to injure themselves or others
  • offering suggestions, not making demands
  • rejoicing in victories.

Prerequisites for Accountability Partners

• Actively attending Celebrate Recovery meetings.

• Sharing a similar area of recovery.

• Must be same sex.

• Developing deeper relationship with Christ.

• Demonstrating growth in their recovery.


A = Accountability

• Identify with the same area of recovery in order to understand the specific

struggles and have the same recovery goals.

• You must have ongoing accountability. Regardless of the length of our

recovery, we all need accountability.

T = Teamwork

• Attend meetings and events together. The process of recovery is based on the

“we” system, not the “I” system.

E = Encouragement

• Be an encourager. When you see positive behavior, even if it seems

insignificant, remember that encouraging each other gives the feeling of

accomplishment. And that positive reinforcement is a foundational step in

building more positive behavior.

A = Ask for Help

• Be willing to be vulnerable. It is by exposing our weaknesses to each other that

we are able to ask for what we need. If we don’t ask for help . . . we won’t get any!

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