consider short term goals

Certainly, it is more exciting to look ahead to the end goal, the dream to beat all dreams, the final destination and culmination of a challenging yet meaningful journey. Why then do we set smaller, simpler goals that do not carry the same “ohhhh” and “awwww” at the thought of completion?

Short-term goals give us reason to celebrate. These attainable goals give purpose and direction to the goal setter. When these goals are realistic and revelant, they allow for small victories along the way, reasons to celebrate that offer a glimpse of the progress being made and a nod to the hard work that has been accomplished.

Short-term goals provide feedback. While an accomplished goal sends the message that all systems are go – what does it mean if the goals are not met with success? f these short-term goals are not completed within specific time-frames, consider it a warning signal. Were the goals truly realistic and attainable? If so, is the goal setter doing the necessary work to meet those goals? Are there any roadblocks or additional issues that need to be addressed before those goals can be achieved?

Short-term goals keep the goal setter on course. If you dream of knitting a sweater by Christmas, but never buy the yarn, choose the design or take that first stitch, chances are that come Christmas you will still be dreaming. For a dream to be achieved, action steps must be taken. Short-term goals are action steps that work to bring you closer to your dreams one success at a time. Moreover, as short-term goals are achieved, they may either confirm the final direction that you are traveling, or they may shed light on the true desire of the long-term dreams. Is a course redirection in order?

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